Privacy policy, cookies and processing of personal data
Browsing the pages of our site is possible without any declaration of personal data. With
however, for certain specific situations (such as completing a questionnaire, a quiz or
participation in a competition), data subjects may be collected and processed
If the processing of personal data is necessary and there is no statutory basis
for this processing we undertake to obtain the consent of the data subject.
Processing of personal data – such as name, surname, address, e-mail address,
the telephone number of a data subject – will be carried out each time in accordance with
the provisions of Regulation no. 679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to
concerns the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and their repeal
of Directive 95/46 / EC (“the Regulation”) and in accordance with data protection regulations
specific to the country where PALADE BOGDAN operates – LAW FIRM.
Through this Policy our company would like to inform the general public about the nature,
the extent and purpose for which we collect and process personal data. Besides these,
data subjects are also informed of the rights they enjoy, rights governed by
Regulations. As an operator, PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM has implemented
numerous technical and organizational measures to ensure the complete protection of personal data.
1. Definitions
This Policy is based on the Regulation as well as any and all applicable laws on protection
personal data. The policy must be comprehensible to both the general public and
for our customers and business partners. To ensure this, we will explain the terminology
used. In this Policy we will use, inter alia, the following terms:
Personal Data or Personal Data refers to any information that makes it possible
identification of a natural person (data subject);
Target person – represents an identified or identifiable natural person. An individual
“Identifiable” means a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, including by reference to a
identification number or one or more factors characteristic of his physical and physiological identity,
mental, economic, cultural or social;
Processing – is to perform any operation or set of operations on character data
personal, with or without automatic means, such as collection, registration, organization, storage,
adaptation, modification, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure (by transmission, dissemination or
otherwise available), alignment or combination, blocking, deletion or destruction;
Processing restriction – refers to the marking of personal data processed in order to limit
their processing in the future;

Profiling – refers to any authorized form of processing of personal data consisting of
the use of personal data to assess certain personal aspects characteristic of a person
in particular to analyze or predict aspects of work performance, the situation
economic, health, personal preferences, interests, reliability, location or travel of a
Pseudonymization – is the processing of personal data in such a way that personal data
can no longer be assigned to a data subject without the use of additional information, provided that
this additional information is stored separately and is subject to technical and organizational measures
to ensure that personal data are not attributed to an identified natural person or
Operator or operator responsible for processing – is the natural or legal person, authority
public, agency or other body which, alone or with the help of third parties, determines its purposes
the means of processing personal data; where the purposes and means of processing are determined
by the legislation of the European Union or the Member States, the operator or the specific criteria for
its nomination may be provided by the legislation of the European Union or the Member States;
Recipient – is a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body to which
personal data is disclosed, whether it is a third party or not. However, public authorities that would
could receive personal data in a private investigation in accordance with the law
The European Union or the Member States will not be seen as recipients; processing of those data by
public authorities will comply with the rules applicable to data protection in accordance with
processing purposes;
Third party – is a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other outside body
the data subject, operator, processor and persons who, under the direct authority of the controller or
the processor, are authorized to process personal data;
Consent – the consent of the data subject is any indication given freely, specific,
informed and clear that the data subject provides through a statement or an affirmative action
meaning the consent for the processing of his personal data.
2. Name and address of the operator PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM
PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM, CUI: RO 26298360, with headquarters in STR. ITCANI, NR.
20, ET. 1, AP. 4, Sector 2, Bucharest, Phone: 0740.807.892, email:,
3. Email address of the data protection officer
Any data subject can contact us at any time directly with any questions or suggestions
with the protection of personal data at the following e-mail address

4. Cookies
The websites use cookies. Cookies are text files
which are stored on a computer via the internet browser. Many sites and servers
uses cookies. Many cookies contain a code called a cookie. A cookie ID is a
unique identifier of the cookie and consists of a string through which the pages and servers
internet can be attributed to the internet browser in which the cookie was stored. This allows the site
web browsers and servers visited to differentiate the individual browser data from other browsers
internet that contain other cookies. A specific internet browser can be recognized and identified
using a unique cookie code. By using cookies, can
provide site users with several easy-to-use services that would not be possible without setting cookies.
s. With the help of a cookie, the information and offers on our site can be optimized by having in
user view. Cookies allow us, as mentioned above, to recognize users
our website. The purpose of this recognition is to facilitate the use of the site by users
our web. The user of the website who uses cookies, for example we mention,
you do not have to enter access data every time the site is accessed because it is
taken over by the website, and the cookie is thus stored in the user’s computer system. During
During use, we may automatically collect information such as the IP addresses from which you access the site and
the browser you are using, and you agree to store certain information on
your computer (“cookies”), all in order to ensure optimal access to the site and
its operation by you.
Declaration of cookies used on the website
Supplier Name
Expiration Type
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to generate statistical data on how
in which the user uses this website.
3 years
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(and limit) the rate of regularization requests
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to generate statistical data on how
in which the user uses this website.
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Analytics about the device and
the user’s behavior
Your consent to the use of cookies – applies to the website
Change your consent :
Withdrawal of cookie consent – Disable Google Analytics.

5. The rights of the data subject
The right of access of the data subject . In order to exercise the right of access, the data subject may
at any time contact PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM with a request to that effect by
to obtain a report of personal data;
The right of rectification. Each data subject has the right to obtain the rectification of character data
personally when they are incorrect or have undergone certain changes or need to be
The right to delete. Each data subject has the right to request the deletion of personal data
personally as follows:
1. when the data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or processed,
2. the data subject withdraws the consent on the basis of which the processing takes place,
• the data subject objects to processing in accordance with Article 21 (1) of the Regulation and not
there are legal grounds for processing, or the data subject objects to processing in
in accordance with Article 21 (2) of the Regulation,
1. personal data have been processed illegally or a legal provision in force
requires their deletion.
The right to restrict processing. Everyone concerned has the right to obtain the restriction
processing, where one of the following cases applies:
1. the accuracy of personal data is contested by the data subject,
2. the processing is illegal and the data subject opposes the deletion of personal data, but requests instead
restricting their use,
• PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM no longer needs personal data for the purpose
to process them, but they are required by the person concerned for the unit, in order to exercise some
1. the data subject has objected to the processing in accordance with Article 21 (1) of the Regulation by
verifying whether the legitimate grounds prevail over those of the pers PALADE BOGDAN –
LAW FIRM to the person concerned.
The right to data portability. Each data subject has the right to request the transfer of data with
personal to a third party or to the data subject himself.
The right to opposition. Everyone concerned has the right to object at any time for any reason
in connection with his / her particular situation, when processing the personal data concerning him / her, which is
based on points (e) and (f) of Article 6 (1) of the Regulation. This also applies to profile creation.
PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM will no longer process personal data in the event
an opposition, unless we can prove convincing and legitimate grounds for processing, which
override the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject, or for the establishment, exercise or
protection of legal rights. If PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM processes data

personal for direct marketing purposes, where there is prior consent, the person

will have the right to object at any time to the processing of his personal data for such purposes
marketing. This applies to the creation of profiles to the point where it is related to such
direct marketing. If the data subject objects to the processing carried out by PALADE BOGDAN –
LAW FIRM for direct marketing purposes, then PALADE BOGDAN – CABINET
DE LA LAWYER will no longer process your personal data for these purposes. In addition, the person concerned has
the right, on grounds related to his particular situation, to object to the processing of his personal data
by PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM for the purposes of scientific research or
historical research, or for statistical purposes, in accordance with Article 89 (1) of the Regulation,
unless processing is necessary to perform a task performed in the public interest.
Making individual decisions, including creating profiles. Everyone concerned has the right not to
is subject to a decision based solely on automatic processing, including profiling, which
produces legal effects on it or similarly affects it significantly, both
as long as the decision is not based on the explicit consent of the data subject. PALADE BOGDAN – CABINET
DE AVOCAT will implement appropriate support measures to protect rights and freedoms
the data subject and the legitimate interests, at least the right to obtain human intervention from
PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM, to express his point of view and to challenge
The right to withdraw consent. Everyone concerned has the right to withdraw
consent to the processing of personal data at any time.
The right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority – if the person concerned
considers that its legitimate rights in relation to the processing of personal data have been
infringed, it may address a complaint to this effect to the National Supervisory Authority of
Personal Data Processing, based in B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, Sector 1,
postcode 010336, Bucharest, Romania.
If you want to exercise your rights or send us a notification / request please let us know
contact the contact details indicated in this Policy. PALADE BOGDAN – CABINET DE
LAWYER will respond to you as soon as possible but not later than 30 days. For any
delays we will notify you and give you the justified reasons for the delay.
6. Subscribe to our newsletters
On the website users are offered the opportunity to register at
company newsletter. PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM informs its clients and
business partners regularly through a newsletter about the company’s offers.
The company newsletter can only be received by the person concerned if:
(1) the data subject has a valid email address and
(2) if the data subject registers to receive the newsletter.
A confirmation email will be sent to the email address registered by the data subject for
the first time in order to send the newsletter, for legal reasons, through the double opt-in procedure.
This confirmation email is used to prove that the owner of the email address is authorized
to receive the newsletter.
During the newsletter subscription, we store the IP address of the computer system assigned by
internet service provider (ISP) and used by the data subject at the time of registration, at
as well as the date and time of registration. The collection of this data is necessary to understand the possible
improper use of a target person’s email address at a later date, and therefore
serves the purpose of legal protection.
Personal data collected as part of the registration for a newsletter will only be used to
send the newsletter. In addition, those who subscribe to the newsletter will be informed by email, as long as
this is necessary for the newsletter service or for a registration in question, as it would
it could be the case in the event of changes to the newsletter offer, or in the event of a
changes in technical circumstances.
There will be no transfer of personal data collected by the newsletter service to third parties
part. Subscriptions to our newsletter may be terminated by the data subject at any time.
Consent to store personal data, given by the data subject to receive the newsletter,
can be revoked at any time. There is a link in each newsletter to unsubscribe. At the moment
unsubscribe, the data will be deleted from the database of the operator PALADE BOGDAN – CABINET DE
Following the registration for receiving the newsletter, the data subject informs that he can
exercise free of charge the right to information, access, restriction, rectification, deletion, the right to
portability of data (if any), opposition, not to be subject to an individual decision-making process
the right to go to court or to lodge a complaint with the ANSPDCP through a request
written sent by email to the address: Withdrawal of consent in any
moment will not affect the legality of the processing carried out on the basis of consent before withdrawal
7. Possibility of contact through the website
The website contains information that allows a short electronic contact with
our company, as well as direct communication with us, by including a general email address.
If a data subject contacts us by email or through the contact form, personal data
transmitted by it voluntarily are stored automatically. Such personal data, transmitted in
voluntarily by a data subject to the controller, are stored for the purpose of processing and
contacting the data subject.
The data will be kept by the operator for a maximum of 3 years from the time of contact
by email or contact form. At the end of the retention period, the data will be deleted from
the database of the operator and the authorized persons (if applicable).

Following the registration for receiving an answer to the email or through the contact form, the person
acknowledges that he may exercise his right to information, access, restriction, free of charge,
rectification, deletion, right to data portability (if applicable), opposition, not to be subject to
automated individual decision-making process, the right to go to court or file a complaint
face ANSPDCP through a written request sent by email to the address:
Withdrawal of consent at any time will not affect the lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis
consent before its withdrawal.
8. Routine deletion and blocking of personal data
PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM will process and store the personal data of the person
targeted only for the period necessary to fulfill its storage purpose, or for the period that is
provided for by the European legislator or other applicable laws. If the purpose of storage is not
applicable, or if the storage period provided for by the applicable legislation in force expires, the data
personal data are deleted in accordance with legal requirements.
9. Legal basis for processing
Article 6 (1) letter of the Regulation serves as a legal basis for the processing of operations for which
we obtain consent for a specific purpose of processing.
If the processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of a contract to which it is
the data subject, as the case may be, for example, when processing operations are required
for the provision of goods or for the provision of any other service, processing is based on
Article 6 (1) (a) b of the Regulation. The same is true for operations
processing that are necessary for the performance of pre-contractual measures, for example in the case
inquiries regarding our products or services.
Our company is subject to a legal obligation that requires the processing of data with
personal character, such as the fulfillment of fiscal obligations, the processing is done based on art. 6 (1) lit. c
Regulations. In rare cases, the processing of personal data may be necessary to protect
the vital interests of the data subject or of another natural person. This would be the case, for example, in
if a visitor was injured in our company and the name, age, insurance data of
health or other vital information should be passed on to a doctor, hospital or other third party.
Then, the processing will be based on Art. 6 (1) letter. d of the Regulation. Finally, the operations of
processing could be based on Article 6 (1) (f) of the Regulation. This legal basis is
used for processing operations which are not covered by any of the legal grounds
mentioned above, if the processing is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by the company
or a third party, unless such interests are removed from its interests
the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject who require the protection of personal data
personal. Such processing operations are especially permitted because they have been mentioned in
specifically by the European legislator. He considered that a legitimate interest could be assumed if
the data subject is the operator’s customer (recital 47 of sentence 2 of the Regulation).

10. Legitimate interests pursued by the operator or a third party

Where the processing of personal data is based on Article 6 (1) (f)
Regulation, our legitimate interest is to conduct our business for the good of all
to our employees and shareholders.
11. The period for which the personal data will be stored
Personal data will be kept only for the period necessary for the purpose for which they were
collected. After the expiry of that period, the corresponding data shall be deleted. They will only be kept
those personal data that are part of acts / documents for which the law provides a term
of archiving and at the expiration of the legal term of archiving they will be destroyed.
12. Provision of personal data as a legal or contractual requirement
Requirement to conclude a contract; Obligation of the data subject to provide character data
personal; possible consequences of not fulfilling these data:
We clarify that the provision of personal data is partially required by law (e.g.
tax regulations) or may also result from contractual provisions (eg information on
contractual partner). Sometimes it may be necessary to enter into a contract under which the person
provides us with personal data, which must be further processed by us. The person concerned
is, for example, obliged to provide us with personal data when our company
sign a contract with him or her.
13. Protection of personal data
PALADE BOGDAN – LAW FIRM applies an internal framework of policies and minimum standards
on the protection of personal data. These policies and standards are updated periodically
to comply with regulations and market developments. In accordance with the legal provisions in force
we take appropriate technical and organizational measures (policies, procedures, security, etc.) just to
ensure the confidentiality and integrity of personal data as well as to ensure the framework
necessary for their processing.
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